Hey, sport! They call me Chucky. And I am possibly your worst nightmare. Here, on this website, I collect the articles people wrote about me... and they sure are fucking bloody. From strangulation, through acid baths, to cutting throats... it's all here! So you aren't scared? Peachy! You soon will. Now, let me show you my last victim...
Seed of Chucky

In the next installment of the series, Chucky’s and Tiffany’s child, who’s called by his owner “Shitface”, escapes the man and decides to find his parents. The dolls are not in Hollywood, where a movies about them is being made. There’s a wink to watchers, as Jennifer Tilly, who played Tiff in previous film and works as her voice, plays herself – an actress, who is desperate for do anything for new role.

Tilly tries to seduce Redman, a rapper, who is making a new biblical movie. Jennifer wants to play virgin Mary, of course.

In the meantime “Shitface” finds Chucky and Tiffany and ressurects the. Both of them quickly accept parenthood, though they can’t decide if their kid is a male or female. Chucky calls him Glen, Tiffany – Glenda.

Tiffany asks Chucky to stop killing people, yet both of them kill some people soon, in quite gruesome way. Glen/Glenda turns out to have multiple personalities – Glen is kind and fearful, Glenda is insane and wicked.

Chucky gives seed, with which Tiff impregnates Tilly, to secure new body for their child. But when it comes to say a Damballa chant, Chucky decides to stay in the body of a murder doll. Tiffany leaves him but Chucky finds her and Jennifer in hospital and while Tiff chant a spell to get into Tilly body, Chucky kill her with an axe. Glen turns against him and chopping him part by part, he murders him in revenge for his mother.

It seems though that Tiff’s chant was successful – Tiffany lives in Tilly’s body, is an famous actress and has two children, who came from Chucky’s seed – daughter Glenda and son Glen – possessed by her first child, Glen/Glenda.

This is a first movie with mostly comedic approach and to be honest, it’s a mess. It has some fun moments, but it’s only film from Chucky franchise that I find stupid. It’s more a comedy than continuation of the previous arc. That means, it would be a comedy, if not violence typical for Chucky movies. Glen/Glenda is cute, but I am in Chucky not for cuteness, nor for comedy. Pity, because cards were good, only the turn out is very poor.

The one of few good things, is a mimic of all dolls’ faces, it’s brilliant, and Chucky has the best and most fluent face from all presented in franchise. It’s a pleasure to watch the dolls talk and move.