Hey, sport! They call me Chucky. And I am possibly your worst nightmare. Here, on this website, I collect the articles people wrote about me... and they sure are fucking bloody. From strangulation, through acid baths, to cutting throats... it's all here! So you aren't scared? Peachy! You soon will. Now, let me show you my last victim...
Curse of Chucky

Nica Pierce is a handicapped young woman – she can’t walk since birth. She lives with mother in an old house. One day, a mysterious package comes in and it turns out that it’s a doll, a 80s Good Guy. They don’t know one thing – that it’s Chucky and he is after whole family, to take revenge for his death.

First victim is the mother, and when Nica’s sister arrives, the hunt begins.

Chucky is found by Nica’s niece and kept by her, as her new best friend – Chucky reveals himself before her, to make his hunt easier. During supper, Chucky adds rat pesticides to food made by Nica and the priest who is a guest of theirs, has car accident caused by poisoning. When police officers want to help him, he bleeds to death.

Nica’s sister, Barb, has romance with babysitter, Jill. Jill dies soon though, burned by high voltage, Slowly, Nica starts realising that Chucky appears and disappears as he pleases. She checks on him online, and finds out that the doll was involved in many murders. In the meantime, Chucky kills Barb, stabbing her in the eye.

Nica finds Barb when she is dying and Chucky goes after her, yet her will of survival is stronger than doll’s murderous instincts. Eventually, she is found by Barb’s husband – he believes it was her who killed Barb and Jill. Chucky literally chops his lower jaw and kills him.

Nica is caught with a knife, all in blood and sentenced by court to stay lifelong in mental facility.

Yet Chucky isn’t finished. He first time doesn’t die in the movie.

Curse of Chucky is return to the horror roots, in style of Anabelle or other Warren movies. The atmosphere is gloomy, dark and cold and limited space (everything happens in old house) makes it claustrophobic and even more scary.

I must say that it was one of better Chucky movies, even if its mood is different. It has low ratings on IMDB or polish Filmweb, but even with tons of inconsistencies (like no blood coming from Chucky’s chopped head – in other movies Chucky would be dead, yet he placed his head again on his shoulders), it’s moody horror with emotional acting by main lead. Also, the restrospect about Charles Lee Ray and his reasons of hunt on Pierce family is quite nice touch, though even there were mistakes in continuity (lack of partner by Charles’ side – while we know he had him in first film or Charles working with knives, while he was a strangler in first movies).

But I am happy that Chucky movies didn’t continue comedic approach, Chucks is a horror and it should stay that way.