Hey, sport! They call me Chucky. And I am possibly your worst nightmare. Here, on this website, I collect the articles people wrote about me... and they sure are fucking bloody. From strangulation, through acid baths, to cutting throats... it's all here! So you aren't scared? Peachy! You soon will. Now, let me show you my last victim...

So… who is that doll? You probably heard about the case of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. He was called a Lakeshore Strangler and was as notorious, as cruel. He dabbed in voodoo magic, which eventually led him to possess the body of a doll, a Good Guy model. It happened when he was escaping police, after his friend in crime betrayed him. He used the chant to Damballa, the voodoo god, to escape death and transfer his soul to first thing that could hold it – a doll.

Charles Lee Ray used his nickname “Chucky” when he first time told his secret to his new “owner”, a kid named Andy Barclay. Andy soon realized that Chucky is definitely not his friend to the end, as he claimed. Chucky terrorized him and his family, tried to transfer his soul to his body and ended burned down in a fireplace.

No one believed the boy that a serial killer soul possessed his doll. He landed in the foster family, as his mother was took to mental facility. Andy thought that it’s over – though demons of his past returned with Chucky in all brand new Good Guy body, who decided Andy still is his last link with humanity. He again tried to possess the boy’s body but Andy had a unwilling ally this time – a teenager girl who lived with him in a foster family. Many deaths later, Chucky dies again, dismembered and blown up.

When Chucky gains a Good Guy doll body again, he chooses another prey. He finds Andy in military school, but now his main victim is young cadet, Tyler. Chucky tells him his story (he can transfer his soul only to those who he told about his real self first – now, he has new doll body and he can choose another vessel) and tries to possess him. Andy is sure that he is only person being able to rescue the cadet. Again, after many new deaths in military school (among them are really awful people, Chucky eliminates the black roots), Chucky dies, chopped by metal fan.

In fourth movie, we get to know Tiffany, who was Charles Lee Ray’s girlfriend. She is sweet but has murderous instincts. She ressurects Chucky by the voodoo spell, and realizing that her boyfriend never wanted to marry her, she tries to imprison him. Chucky kills her and transfers her body into a bride doll. Both dolls must find the amulet of Damballa, before Charles’ body is exhumed. Chucky becomes the stowaway in a car of a couple, who he frames for all his murders. Eventually, Chucky ends shot and buried in his own grave.

In Seed of Chucky, Lee Ray becomes a parent – the son/daughter of his and Tiffany’s – Glen/Glenda. Chucky promises Tiffany to not kill anymore but the urge is stronger, especially when now he has a kid to teach. Chucky decides he doesn’t want to become human anymore and when Tiffany opposes him, he murders her and eventually dies, dismembered by his own son. The numerous victims of his prove how much he wanted his child to follow his ways.


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Chucky is a one piece of sadistic bastard. For him, murder is sport and strangulating people is a amusing past time activity. He proves to be smart and has imagination for murders, but not smart enough to beat bad luck – his deaths are as numerous ans gross. His Good Guy body goes through many transformations through the movies – he gains new bodies, so it happens that his features are meaty and pig-like (Child’s Play 3) or stitched/torn up (The Bride of Chucky). He is voiced by Brad Dourif (yep! Piter de Vries from Dune, a great voice, fitting a doll on a murder spree).

Chucky look evolution