Hey, sport! They call me Chucky. And I am possibly your worst nightmare. Here, on this website, I collect the articles people wrote about me... and they sure are fucking bloody. From strangulation, through acid baths, to cutting throats... it's all here! So you aren't scared? Peachy! You soon will. Now, let me show you my last victim...
Child’s Play

Child’s Play, the first movie of the series, takes us to the beginnings, when Chucky just started to stalk Andy Barclay and tried to possess his body.

Detective Norris is after serial killer Charles Lee Ray and ambushes him in the toy store. Charles, who knows the magic of voodoo, before his human body’s death, transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll. The shop sets in fire and Charles, now in the doll body, lands in the hands of a homeless seller.

Andy Barclay in the meantime literally craves for Good Guy doll. His mother buys Chucky from the street seller and gives it as a gift to her son for his birthday. The boy is heaven sent and quickly REALLY befriends his new best friend – Chucky tells him everything about his killer past.

Of course noone believes Andy, even after his aunt dies from Chucky’s hands.

Chucky orders Andy to go after Eddie Caputo, a former crime partner, who betrayed him. The doll blows his house up. When Andy still says that it was too Chucky’s fault, he is sent to psychiatric facility. His mother is attacked by Chucky then and going almost unharmed from the encounter, she finds help in detective Norris. The seller told them where he found the doll and all starts to fall into – a rather unbelievable – place.

Norris is attacked by Chucky, which makes him believe in the story completely. He harms Chucky and since the doll bleeds, he goes to his former voodoo teacher. The voodoo man explains that the more time Chucky stays in the body of the doll, the more human he becomes and it will be more difficult to transfer his soul into human body. He can only transfer it too first person that knew his true identity. Chucky kills the teacher with voodoo doll, and he dies, telling detective Norris that to kill him, he must aim in the heart.

Andy is in mental hospital and there, Chucky finds him. The boy escapes but Chucky soon catches him and tries to do voodoo chant, to transfer his soul into his body. Andy and his mother trap Chucky in the fireplace and set him on fire. They think they killed him, but burnt doll goes after Andy, until Norris beheads him. Chucky’s body still moves, so Norris shoots it in the heart.

Child’s Play is of course the best. It not only introduces Chucky and is really scary without really gory imagery, but also holds a very sentimental place in most of 90s kids’ hearts. I grew up on Child’s Play, watching it almost daily. Chucky was my favorite character. I knew all the lines and quotes from the movie.

Now the movie didn’t aged at all. It still is creepy as heck, captivating, fun to watch and has that aura only 80s horrors have. It still remains my favorite horror and one of my most beloved movies ever.