Hey, sport! They call me Chucky. And I am possibly your worst nightmare. Here, on this website, I collect the articles people wrote about me... and they sure are fucking bloody. From strangulation, through acid baths, to cutting throats... it's all here! So you aren't scared? Peachy! You soon will. Now, let me show you my last victim...
Child’s Play 2

The Good Guys dolls are again in production and Chucky is set to prove that the doll series is not dangerous. Ironically, one of the workers gets electrocuted while working on him. The boss orders assistant Mattson to take Chucky and toss him away. The murderous doll suffocates him with the plastic bag and at the same time finds out the address of Andy’s new foster family.

Andy, who became much more shy and afraid of what surrounds him, is adopted by Phil and Joanne, who also take care of a rebelious teenager girl named Kyle. When Chucky comes back, he takes place of a Good Guy doll that is already in the house and reveals to Andy, ties him to the bed and tries to chant the spell. Kyle enters and the chant fails, but no one believes Andy – Phil throws Chucky to basement.

When Andy goes to new school, Chucky is there to destroy his homework and then, kills his teacher with a yardstick. Andy tries to explain and warn his foster parents but they still don’t believe him, deciding to get him back to foster center.

Soon Phil and Joanne are killed by Chucky and the doll orders Kyle to carry him to the foster center, where he finds Andy and forces him to go to Good Guy factory where he will be able to possess his body.

When they get in the factory, Chucky is sure that the spell will work, but after completing the chant, nothing happens – Chucky was too long in his doll body nad there is no coming back. Furious murderer at least wants to take revenge. Kyle slams his hand off but Chucky replaces it will knife and chases the kids all over the factory. They manage to trap him in the assembly line machine which destroys his body – but Chucky cuts his legs off and stalks them again – vengeance driven he doesn’t care anymore and wants only to kill them.

Kyle and Andy covers him in hot molten plastic, but when it doesn’t works again, they stick an air hose into his mouth and Chucky’s head blows up. The kids are lost and shocked what has happened but Chucky is dead – for now.


Good gods, how I love this part. Very scary, very gory, very captivating! Chucky is possibly most badass from all movies in the series and the film very nicely fall in place as continuation, without logic jumps and mistakes (which later happens way too often in Chucky movies). I just love how camera works in Child’s Play 2 – everything seems focused on the people, optically enlarging everything, it adds to creepy atmosphere and is just brilliant. We have most gory Chucky’s death and many other very scary deaths, like teacher’s in school – the scene became legendary among us, Chuckster fans.

Overall, my top favorite movie from franchise and one of my favorite horrors. I could watch it on repeat and never get bored.