Hey, sport! They call me Chucky. And I am possibly your worst nightmare. Here, on this website, I collect the articles people wrote about me... and they sure are fucking bloody. From strangulation, through acid baths, to cutting throats... it's all here! So you aren't scared? Peachy! You soon will. Now, let me show you my last victim...
Bride of Chucky

After Chucky gets chopped with a fan, he lands in evidences storage. Tiffany, his former girlfriend, retrives his doll body and ressurects him thanks to “Voodoo for Dummies” book. At first it seems the spell didn’t work but after reccuring lover of Tiffany enters the trailer in which she lives, Chucky comes to life and kills the unlucky goth boy.

Tiffany is sure that Chucky wanted to propose to her when he still was human, but when he doesn’t confirm, she imprisons him behind the bars and decides to break any bonds. She goes bathing, while Chucky frees himself and eventually murders her, throwing the TV screen into her bath. Tiffany dies, but Chucky uses a bride doll Tiffany brough for him to mock him, and transfers her soul into its body.

Two dolls plan to transfer their souls again into human bodies, and for that, they need amulet of Damballa, which still hangs on Charles Lee Ray’s neck, in his grave. The body of the killer will soon be exhumed, so dolls must hurry. They use as a transport the car of a couple of youths, Jesse and Jade, who want to escape from overprotective uncle and quite mean of the girl and they both want to get married.

During their escape, Chucky and Tiffany kill the unlce, then a couple of other people, like pair of thieves in hotel room, or a police officer sent after the boy and girl. All murders are quite brutal and all blame falls on the escapees. The couple is named new Bonnie and Clyde and stated to be extremely dangerous. At first they suspect each other, until dolls reveal themselves.

Chucky proposes to Tiffany and the make love (as odd as it may sound). They travel to retrieve the amulet of Damballa, but Jesse puts them up against each other. The dolls quarell is quite deadly and they almost kill each other over the Charles Lee Ray’s grave.

Eventually, both dolls are eliminated and Chucky is shot to death. At the end of the movie, Tiffany gives birth to Chucky’s child.

Bride of Chucky is fun and gruesome slasher movie, filled with many cruel deaths and specific atmosphere, characteristic to Chucky films. Tiffany is such a cool addition to franchise and she and Chucky form perfect power duo. The movie is dynamic and action packed. At first, when I saw it after seeing Child’s Play 3, I was disappointed that Chucky is not a lone wolf anymore, but later, I grew up liking the change. Tiff adds cute and morbid to their relation and that is always a great combination.